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New Patrons / Library Cards:

For new patrons who do not have library cards, it is not necessary to have one to participate in our summer reading program.  If you would like to have a library card and are 18 years old or older we will need a valid ID such as a driver’s license with a current address on it. If the address on the ID is not current we would need a bill or bank statement that has been mailed to your current address to verify the address. For minors, ages 5-17, a parent or guardian has to come in with you to issue you a card.  The parent\guardian would need to be issued their own card and need the above identification. Minors cannot be issued a card without a guardian present and guardians cannot have minors issued a card without the minor present.  First checkout for new patrons is one item per person present at the time the card is issued.

Check Outs: Books may be checked out for 2 weeks. Magazines, movies and reference books can be checked out for 1 week.

Interlibrary Loan: If the library does not have your choice of materials, it can be borrowed from another library for your use. There is no charge for this service.

Copy Machine: Copies are 25 cents a page for black and white, 45 cents for duplex pages, and 50 cents for color and 90 cents for duplex pages. Faxes (within the USA) are $1.00 per fax.

Computer Services: Internet or Typing. Wireless Internet is also available. Adults may use the computer free of charge. Anyone under 18 years of age needs to have parental permission to use the computers.

Homebound: Delivery of materials is available to homebound patrons within the City.

Test Proctoring: Online or paper based testing can be scheduled at the Library. Contact the library for more information on this service.

Notary Services are available, please contact library for schedule of Notaries.

Fines, Lost and Damaged Materials

  1. Books: Books are checked out for 2 weeks and may be renewed if there is no other patron waiting.

  2. Magazine and Reference: Materials are checked out for 1 week and may be renewed if no other patron is waiting.

  3. Past Due Notices: Patrons will be notified by mail if books are not returned on or before the due date. The notices will be presented as follows:

    1. The first notice will be the printed receipt the patron will receive at checkout.

    2. The second notice will be sent 7 days following the due date.

      In the event that the materials are not return by the end of three weeks from, (21 days) from the original due date, the librarian is authorized to notify the person responsible for checking out the materials, that he/she is in violation of City of Goddard Ordinance No. 505 Sect. 12-301 thru 304 for the failure to return library materials.  The Library will give notice of such alleged violations to the person responsible. Such notice shall:

      1. Be in writing.

      2. State the books or materials which have not been returned to the library

      3. State that the person to whom the notice is issued shall have twenty-one (21) days within which to correct the violation.

      4. Be addressed to and served upon the holder of the library card at the address which is most recent as it appears from such person’s application for a library card. Notice may be served personally, or by (certified) mail.

    3. In the event that the requested materials are not returned to the library within the thirty day time period allowed, the matter will be turned over to a third party Collection Agency for collection as stated in the above City of Goddard Ordinances.

  4. Fines: A fine of 25 cents per day per book or magazine and $1.00 per day per movie will be charged for library materials not returned by the due date. Maximum fine will be $10.00 per item.

    If additional cost is incurred in attempting to obtain return of materials, i.e., certified mail charges and/or collection agency charges, the cost of such shall be charged to the patron in addition to the fine due.

  5. If the material is lost or damaged beyond the condition needed to return the material to circulation there will be a $5.00 processing fee in addition to the cost of the material.

  6. If the material is an Inter-Library Loan material. The fines will be $1.00 per day plus any fines imposed by the lending library. If replacement costs are incurred they will be set by the lending library (owner).

  7. Fines will apply to all patrons, which include Library employees and Library Board members.    

  8. Any patron who owes more that $10.00 will have library services suspended until account is current. Any patron or family unit who owe more than $25.00 in fines and/or fees is subject to collection by the third party collection agency.

  9. Overdue Library Fines may be eliminated with approval from the Library Director and/or the Library Board Pres. / Chair.


Patron checks out book today 08/09/2010, and receives 1st notice: Book due 08/23/2010.

2st notice: 08/30/2010. (7 days after due date.)

3rd notice: 09/13/2010. (21 days after due date) Patron will then have 21 more days to respond.

This will be a total of 42 days late. Collection Agency will be notified.

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